Child custody is one of the most emotional things when it comes to divorce cases. Oftentimes, both partners feel entitled to child custody. In most cases, fathers feel disadvantaged. However, if you follow the right tips and tricks, you can easily win a child custody case. In particular, avoiding the following mistakes will hand you an easy victory as far as child custody is concerned.

Not Moving Fast

Not being fast when it comes to filing for a hearing is a mistake fathers shouldn’t make.  Taking action fast comes with a lot of benefits. Plus, it can have some positive implications on your case. Letting your wife file for child custody first means that she is feeling frustrated. She will win sympathy from the judge. So, being proactive is important. Be the first one to request child custody.

Abandoning Your Family

Don’t leave your kids at home. In the eyes of the judge, you won’t be a good father. When you aren’t home, your kids will be hurt. This not only strains the relationship but also hurts your case. Remember, the judge will consider the emotional state of your kids when making a ruling. So, be around your kids as much as possible.

Not Being Around Your Kids

Bonding with your kids is an important aspect when it comes to child custody. So, not spending quality time with your kids can injure your case. Remember, the Judge will make judgments based on the kids’ best interests. The court will not consider your prayers if you don’t spend quality time with your kids. So, take them out. Take a ride together. Play football together. These small things are important when it comes to bonding with them.

Not Cooperating With Your Wife

When ruling on a divorce case, kids are the most important parties. The judge will make a ruling that suits the kids. So, cooperating with your wife is important. Avoid being so emotional. Don’t get into unnecessary quarrels. Embrace an open mind. Stick to the child support agreement with your wife. Make things easy between the two of you.


Normally, a character witness will be produced in court. Here, the court will be trying to establish who the better parent is. So, be worry about what you tell the mother civil. Things you say will be produced in court. This May injure your case and deny you child custody rights.

Living with another Woman

Don’t move in with another woman until your case is over. Doing so can complicate the case. Plus, it can be confusing to the kids. Wait until the issue is solved. Give your kids enough time to adjust to the new arrangement.

Not Hiring an Attorney

Child custody cases can be lengthy, complex, and highly demanding. Representing yourself in court can be a daunting task. Plus, simple mistakes can cost your case. Not hiring an attorney can hit you hard. So, hire the best divorce attorney Houston Tx.

The Bottom-Line

As a father, you have the right to fight for child custody. So, don’t give up that easily. Hire the right father’s rights lawyer. Attend all court sessions. Gather all the evidence. Understand your rights. Above all, avoid making the above mistakes when fighting for child custody.