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Indigenous PACT is a Native American woman owned company with a bold mission – bringing health equity to Indian Country in a single generation. We are a healthcare consulting company with a focus on three outcomes: Healthy Citizens, Sustainable Economies, and Healing Spaces. We work with Tribal communities to understand their healthcare delivery needs, create a shared strategic plan of action, and initiate solutions. 

Health disparities among American Indians remain at an all-time high. American Indians have the highest rates of maternal and infant mortality, diabetes, heart disease, poisoning, suicide, as well as pneumonia and influenza. Overall, Natives have a life expectancy less than the U.S. all-races population. In order to address these problems, Tribal health leaders need more tools.

Tribes have come to Indigenous PACT for help enabling new health programs for their citizens to address the most pressing public health issues, for example, the opioid epidemic with opioid treatment programs, while also untangling the various levels of state and federal health care laws and creating a system to tackle IHS billing.

One important tool Indigenous PACT uses to help our partners is our expertise in financial forecasting. Tribes have the unique responsibility of making smart investments into health infrastructure projects to improve the wellbeing of the whole community. Those investments require reliable financial forecasts for Tribal leadership. It is important to evaluate the risk of building new programs, or expansion of existing operations. To help leadership make the best possible decisions for the community, we help evaluate historical revenue streams, and develop trustworthy new revenue generation forecasts. 

Imagine this scenario. An aging 20-year-old 21,000 square foot health clinic had reached its capacity to serve the community. The health department needed to find a path to minimize external funding of the health clinic by creating a business plan that generated stable revenues to support a loan repayment plan for a new building. Historical revenue and third-party billing data was scattered across many manual processes, making it difficult to compile supporting revenue forecasts. 

In partnership with the Tribal planning department, Indigenous PACT created a comprehensive financial forecast and feasibility study for a new $25 million 50,000 square foot health center. The strategies used to create that forecast included extensive historical document review, development of historical revenue for seven service lines, creation of three revenue forecast scenarios to reach breakeven, and the evaluation of patient and expanded service population growth. Indigenous PACT was able to provide that client with the financial forecast, plan for loan repayment, service population modeling, key performance indicators, and the impact analysis of Tribal member insurance enrollment. The Tribe was able to use all of this data to analyze the need for a new Tribal health clinic and make a decision they were confident in. 

To learn more, visit indigenouspact.com.

Join us in observing 100 years of Native American citizenship. On June 2, 1924, President Calvin Coolidge signed the Indian Citizenship Act, granting Native Americans US citizenship, a pivotal moment in their quest for equality. This year marks its centennial, inspiring our special project, "Heritage Unbound: Native American Citizenship at 100," observing their journey with stories of resilience, struggle, and triumph. Your donations fuel initiatives like these, ensuring our coverage and projects honoring Native American heritage thrive. Your donations fuel initiatives like these, ensuring our coverage and projects honoring Native American heritage thrive.